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When Do You Need Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?


Non-emergency medical transportation is a transportation service available for individuals who need special transportation and accommodations for their medical needs. NEMT services are beneficial for individuals who lack access to transportation to healthcare facilities.

Some people need special accommodations as their health conditions prohibit them from trying public transportation services in New York. If you have a health condition, you may benefit from NEMT services. Here are some indicators that you need NEMT services:

  • You are under rehabilitation.

    If you are currently undergoing a rehabilitation program, you will need an NEMT or a car service in Staten Island, New York, that provides transportation to individuals who need rehabilitation. Since you have impairments that limit your capabilities to try public transport independently, you will need NEMT services.

  • You have dialysis sessions.

    Patients undergoing dialysis sessions require a non-emergency medical car that ensures their safety and comfort before and after dialysis sessions. If you are undergoing dialysis sessions, you will need NEMT services as you can get tired after sessions.

  • You have medical or follow-up appointments.

    There is no guarantee that you are in perfect shape for having medical or follow-up appointments. If you have a temporary or permanent disability or medical issues, you will need to rely on a car service provider in New York that offers non-emergency medical transportation.

  • You have chemotherapy sessions.

    You will most likely experience fatigue and other side effects after chemotherapy sessions. Hence, you will need NEMT services to go home safe and sound.

If you have other medical needs that require special considerations, you need non-emergency medical transportation services. Contact us at NewPort Car Service if you need to visit medical facilities. Allow us to transport you safely.

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